information infrastructure architects

Lizard can offer development services based on the following languages and platforms:

  • Android, .NET, C#, Databases of all kinds (SQL, MySQL, IBM2), java, web services, mobile, desktop, server, computer vision, NPR, .NET, Sharepoint

Concepts that we have experience with implementing:

  • CV
  • Mobile standalone or client server
  • Disk / data / reliability and reliable, secure transport mechanisms
  • Interfacing with all kinds of industrial systems


Want to integrate one piece of software with some other piece of hardware that you have and require a custom solution ? Only want one particular feature of the vendor supplied integration solution, but don’t want to have to pay for the full package?

Talk to us about integration software development – often we can achieve precisely what you want for less cost than purchasing a full solution. Or perhaps your feature isn’t included in the main packages – we can help there too.

We offer a unique blend of software development coupled with hardware and IT infrastructure integration difficult to find elsewhere. Most companies are either one or the other – we specialize in both.