Network Engineering

information infrastructure architects

We are able to provide LAN and WAN engineering services to ensure data is getting where it needs to be without loss and in a timely manner. Through packet capturing and other means we also provide auditing services which then allow us to make recommendations on existing topology’s ensuring you are making the most of your networking investment.

We can provide the ability to spot faults before they cause downtime or service degradation, which can be difficult given the needle in a haystack nature of such faults. An example customer was experiencing a two second fault in some of their phone calls every few days – the resulting problem was about 200kB of data hidden amongst 30GB captured over the preceding days – we can deal with type of scale very efficiently.

Lizard Networks are able to take the pain out of specifying a new network or migration, dealing with the service providers on your behalf to the project is delivered on time and will meet the requirements of your organization.